Hard disk drive failure can fall into two main categories – physical and logical, or a combination of both. Physical failure can often be attributed to a head crash where a moving component or circuit board has failed. Logical failure is harder to diagnose. Symptoms such as corrupted data can be caused by media degradation, bad sectors or malware. Regardless, if you are unable to recover the data yourself, you will most likely need a data recovery expert.

Hard drives are not designed to be repaired and require very specialist data extraction tools to have even a remote chance of success. Where physical failure is diagnosed, more often than not our data recovery technicians will need to rebuild the hard disk drive using donor parts. Whilst this can be a time consuming and intricate process, as long as the disk platters are undamaged the user can be confident that their data remains intact.

Logical damage is more difficult to diagnose. If online data recovery software has been unable to recover the data, chances are your data may well be damaged or corrupted. If this is the case our data recovery technicians have to repair files and directory structures. Often exasperated by bad sectors and fragmentation, the hard disk drive undergoes a deep scan on receipt, bypassing any blocks that return errors. Almost all logical failures are recovered without opening the hard disk drive chassis and often the drive remains physically healthy.

Regardless of the failure, advanced tools are required to be certain of a successful outcome. In our laboratory, our data recovery technicians will exhaust all options to recover your data. With industry leading data recovery technology at their disposal, we are able to open a hard disk drive for analysis without causing further harm. Powerful hardware and software tools allow us to run multiple data recoveries simultaneously. Chip-off readers and JTAG give us direct access to the logical functionality on circuit boards.