The variation in design & technology within laptops has been growing more diverse increasingly rapidly over the last decade, manufacturers even design laptops to specific purposes from Chrome books simply used to browse the internet and play media, to laptops designed for work and at the extreme end, high end gaming laptops.

Laptops have therefore become more and more complex in terms of their internals, mostly, as a result of this. The internal storage mediums can vary greatly from laptops to laptop, even on models designed for the same purpose. Manufacturers often sacrifice performance in one area to increase it in another, or design bespoke software to give their offering the edge. They may use different types of media to make their item more appealing, or choose a different flavour of operating system. These variations have a significant effect on the tools & techniques required in order to retrieve your data from an affected device.

Upon receiving the storage media from your device, our technicians will perform a free diagnostic on the laptop hard drive. This involved determining the storage media type, operating system and any other relevant factors that may affect the recovery and from there, develop a tailored plan to safely extract and recover data from the hard drive.

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