SD & Micro SD Cards have remained visually the same for many years while the technology utilised within changes rapidly, manufacturers are constantly racing to implement new methods to increase the capacity of SD Cards, continuously developing new technologies that shrink the electrical components hidden within the plastic case resulting in increased storage.
Each time a change is made and the innards of SD Cards Data Recovery Technicians must re-analyse the hardware and invent new ways of recovering the data held within them.
We will conduct a free diagnostic on your SD Card and use our expertise in microelectronics to:

  • Interface with the media at the level required via custom, bespoke software and hardware.
  • If necessary, directly access the media’s NAND memory.
  • Develop a custom plan for the safe extraction of your data
  • Our technicians can determine if your SD card’s data can be recovered and the exact cost of the recovery via our completely free, no-obligation diagnostic.