150W 19.5V 7.7A AC Adapter Power Supply Charger for ASUS G53JW G53SW G71G G53SX G71GX G71V G72GX G73 G73J G73JH G73JH-X1 G73JW G73SW G73SW-A1 G74S G74SX L5800GX, P/N: ADP-150NB D ADP-150NBD

Features & Specifications: 
  • Input Voltage(Wall Charger) : 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • Output: 19.5V – 7.7A , 150W 
  • Connecter size: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Industry Quality : Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection, CE


Compatible Part Number:

ADP-150NBD,90-XB06N0PW00040Y,04G266009901,04G266009902,04G266009903, 04G266009904

Compatible With Model:

ASUS G50 series: G50 G50V G50Vt G50VT-X1 G50VT-X5 G51Vx
Asus G53 series: G53S G53SW G53j G53JW G53SX G53SX-XR1 G53SX-XT1
Asus G55 series: G55vw G55vw-ds71 G55-es71
ASUS G60 Series: G60vx G60jx G60j G60v
ASUS G70 series: G70 G70G
ASUS G71 series: G71G, G71Gx, G71Gx-A2, G71G-X1, G71Gx-X2, G71V
ASUS G72 series: G72G, G72Gx, G72Gx-A1
ASUS G73 series: G73, G73Jh, G73Jh-A2, G73Jh-X1 G73sw G73jw
ASUS G74 series: G74sx-dh71 G74sx-a1 G74sx-bbk8 G74sx-dh73-3d G74SX-BBK7 G74SC-BBK8 G74SX-XN1
ASUS G75 series: G75vw-ds72 G75vw-bbk5 G75vw-ds73-3d G75vw-ts71 G75vw-ts72 G75vw-rs72
Note: Not all compatible models is listed.

Package include:
1 x Brand New Ac Power Adapter
1 x Free Power Cord
To be sure what you are ordering is the right item, you can ask as many questions as you like. or just send the Laptop Brand Name and Model number.
Warranty: 3 months