3.5″ SATA/SAS Hard Drive Tray/Caddy For dell poweredge server

Compatible with part number: 0G302D, G302D, 0F238F, 0F238F0, F238F, 0X968D, X968D etc. This tray will accept any 3.5″ x 1.0″ SAS / SATA hard drive.

Note: This tray is for 3.5″ drives. To install a 2.5″ drive in this 3.5″ tray, you can use the Dell 9W8C4 3.5″ to 2.5″ Adapter.

Compatible With:
DELL PowerEdge R810
DELL Poweredge R720
DELL PowerEdge R710
DELL PowerEdge R610
DELL Poweredge R515
DELL PowerEdge R510
DELL Poweredge R415
DELL PowerEdge R410
DELL PowerEdge R310
DELL PowerEdge R210
DELL PowerEdge T710
DELL PowerEdge T610
DELL PowerEdge T410
DELL PowerEdge T310
DELL Poweredge NX3000
DELL PowerVault MD1200
DELL PowerVault MD1000
DELL PowerVault MD3000
DELL PowerVault MD3200
DELL PowerVault NF100, NF500, NF600

*List is by no means complete. Please check pictures of tray to see if it is what you have.
It should work with most R and T series servers that are configured to use 3.5″ hotswap SAS/SATA drives.