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HP Z600 Workstation


Refurbished HP Z600 Workstation, Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processors E5520 (8M Cache, 2.26GHz, 5.86GT/s Intel QPI) (CPU Qty 1), 6GB Ram, 300GB, DVD-Rom, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 Graphics Card (2x DisplayPort), Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit preinstalled including COA license.


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 HP Z600 Workstation Quad-Core E5520 6GB DDR3 300GB Windows 7 Professional 64bitGaming ready PC (with GeForce 210 to Gt730 Graphics) will be suitable for The Sims 4, Minecraft and other games with similar hardware requirements.

The Advanced Gaming PC (with GTX 750 or GTX 750 Ti Graphics) range is a fast, great value gaming PC able to run more demanding games.Dual Intel Xeon Processor

The HP Z600 packs eight-core compute and visualization power into a small, quiet package for the ideal workstation when every inch, watt, and decibel make a difference.

The HP Z600 Workstation hands its impressive looks down to a case design from BMW, the beautiful brushed aluminium casing and the tool-less chassis makes this workstation not only easy on the eye but a dream for those of you who would look to upgrade in the future.By offering outstanding levels of performance by utilising the Nehalem and Westmere family of processors available from Intel coupled together with the use of high speed DDR3 memory, this machine really can stand up to anything you would ever wish to use it for and more. Originally designed for CAD Technicians and graphic designers who require a high level of availability at the highest performance proves this machine really is no slouch when it comes down to the crunch.

Xeon Quad-Core Nahalem processors can deliver a substantial performance increase over older Dual-core processors for multi-threaded applications, multi-tasking environments or very demanding single-threaded applications.

Multi-core processors allow your system to split tasks between separate processor cores so that they can share the load and get more done in less time. The cores can do more work per second, allowing you to run multiple or multi-threaded applications (DCC rendering and Analysis applications) with noticeably quicker results.

Operating System

As a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher we will supply you with Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 ins