Laptop Screen Replacement & Repair Services

Have you accidentally broken your notebook screen? Don’t fret, because we have a huge assortment of high-quality replacement laptop screens that we source from the best suppliers around the world. We offer screen replacement services for customers throughout the republic of South Africa. We are based in Johannesburg but cater for client nationwide by using courier services. We also supply laptop replacement screen for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Dell, HP-Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Sony and many more.


Laptop Replacement Screen for Sale

Our company has been involved in laptop repair business for over 10 years and has developed an impressive network of suppliers that guarantees high quality laptop screen for our clients at best possible market prices. We have extensive knowledge and experience in both repair and installation of notebook screens. We supply a wide range of LCD & LED screen types and sizes, including many very unique models. Below are some  common screen that are used in most Laptops. Before you order, just give us a call or email us your laptop model number & screen part number, and we will make sure that you receive the right laptop replacement screen.

You Can Fix Your Own Broken Screen!

  • Check out the video on your right and follow the step on how to access the screen display panel. The important thing is the part number at the back of the laptop LCD panel (next to the bar code).

  • Proceed to our online shop and place an order for the screen that matches your part number or simply call & request a quote. We will send you pro-forma invoice with payment options (including shipping fees if you can’t collect).

  • On receiving the screen, go back to the video to complete the steps needed to fit in the new LCD/LED replacement screen panel. If you develop cold feet in between, just send it to us. One of our professional techs will sort it out.

We fix all makes and model

  • Acer Screen Repairs
  • Apple Macbook Screen Repairs
  • ASUS Screen Repairs
  • Compaq Screen Repairs
  • Dell Screen Repairs
  • E Machine Screen Repairs
  • Meccer Screen Repairs
  • HP Screen Repairs
  • IBM Lenovo Screen Repairs
  • LG Screen Repairs
  • MSI Screen Repairs
  • Samsung Screen Repairs
  • Panasonic Screen Repairs
  • Sony Vaio Screen Repairs
  • Toshiba Screen Repairs
  • Fujitsu Screen Repairs
  • Laptop Touch Screen Repairs
  • lenovo black screen
  • Macbook pro retina display repairs

Cost of Laptop Screen Repair.

There is a very wide range of laptop screens and varying in prices by very wide margins as well. The only way to give an accurate price is by establishing the exact model of the replacement screen required. over 80% of laptops use 15.6 inch high definition laptop screen panel which averages at R1000 in price.

We charge R150 for replacement labour when done at our premises. We offer call out services at a cost of R450 for certain areas in Johannesburg. R250, being the cost of travel, will be charged whether the replacement is done or not and should be paid upfront).

We can also pick up and deliver once the replacement is complete. Shipping cost will depend on your location/address. We charge R150 both ways  for customers based in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Signs of a Broken Laptop Screen!

If your screen has a visible crack, a large discolored area, or a black/multicolored spot that doesn’t align with the pixel grid, it’s been subjected to physical trauma and the LCD panel is damaged.  The only solution is to replace the panel. No repairs on laptop screen panel are possible. If your screen is within its warranty period, it almost certainly won’t cover physical damage.

Vertical Lines: it’s probably a physical defect in the screen itself. We can test your led screen panel on another laptop to see if the problem persists; if it does, you’re probably looking at a replacement, since the error is almost certainly in the LCD/LED panel.

It might be something as simple as a loose or faulty video cable. So first, tighten down the cable on both the screen panel and the motherboard end (making sure to completely tighten any retention screws, if your cable has them) or simply replace the cable.

A “dead” pixel is a single dot on your LCD screen that doesn’t illuminate, showing up as one or more black squares. “Stuck” pixels are similar, but instead of showing black they’re stuck on a single color that doesn’t match the computer screen’s image, typically either red, green, or blue.

If your screen is suddenly showing the wrong resolution for your desktop, the most likely culprit is your graphics card. It’s probable that either the software component (the graphics driver) or the graphics card itself is where the problem is located. Updating the driver usually fixes this problem

This can either be the easiest or the most costly fix. If the laptop turns on but no signal is displayed on the screen(not even a flicker), then it means the video/power cable is not transmitting signal to the screen. It can either be a disconnected cable or faulty cable or in most cases, logic board issues.


Cheap Deals on Used Screens!

We sometimes keep stock of second hand laptop screens that are in great working condition. This are screen panels pulled from laptops with faults that are deemed to expensive to repair. They are thoroughly tested and come with 3 months warranty. You can be lucky to find a used replacement laptop screen for your model of laptop