Estimated Repair and Support Rates (All prices assume work is done in-store. Onsite work falls under callout)



Diagnosis (Only applies if issue is fixable but quote is rejected otherwise free ) R345
Insurance Reports (Testing, diagnosing and reporting – including quotes and images of faulty parts) R575
Software Installation (Single Application/Driver) R345
Charging Port repair from R690
Hinge Repair (One side) R920
Hinge Repair (Both sides) R1380
Smartphones Parts Installation R345
Software Reload without backup R690
Backup, Software Reload and Restoration of Data R920
Replacement Parts installation (Screen, Keyboard, Battery) R150
Complicated Parts installation (Requiring extensive disassembly) R575
Printer Maintenance and Troubleshooting R460
Wireless Network Setup or Troubleshooting R460
Setup & Configure Email account on computer or mobile device R345
PC Desktop/Laptop Support Call Out (Min 30 minutes) R575/Hr
Apple Mac Desktop Support Call Out (Min 30 minutes) R690/Hr
Linux/Windows Server Support Call Out (Min 30 minutes) R805/Hr
Networking Callout (Data point installation, WiFi Configuration, Network Troubleshooting & Configuration) R575/Hr
Computer Tune-up (Clean up temporary files,Verify anti-virus is installed & updated, Disable unwanted startup programs.) R345
Virus & Spyware Removal (Verify anti-virus software is installed, Install important updates, Repair boot problems, blue screens issues ) R575
Computer Hookup (Setup one PC or Mac computer, Verify you can access internet and setup one email account
Install & configure one external device like printer/scanner/external hard drive, Install one software package)
Data Backup and Transfer from old PC to your new PC or external drive (programs not included, must be installed and software licences must be provided by user). Includes documents, pictures, music, favorites/bookmarks, email files) R690
Smart TV and other smart electronic repair performed in the store or onsite will be quoted only after diagnosing and before any repair work is carried out. Call for quote
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